Whipper Billy Watson

With the speed of a whip, he tossed opponents.

William John Potts, East York, Ontario 1915 – 1990) was a Canadian professional wrestler stage name “Whipper” Billy Watson was the world champion 2 times, National Wrestling Association and National Wrestling Alliance titles. He started wrestling at 15 at the Scarborough Athletic Club and performed in amateur wrestling shows in Toronto.  In 1936, he went on a tour of the United Kingdom, sidelined for six months with a fractured shoulder and  broken ribs caused by aggressive English, but after recovering, continued travelling through England and Ireland.  His stage name came out of this trip, “Whipper” from his usage of the move of hurling an opponent into the ropes before then throwing him over on to his back that was called the “Irish Whip”, 

Misandry Drawings

I used to drawing one image a day. When I went out for my coffee in the afternoon after a morning painting and lunch. This Routine changed after all the coffee shops close. These images were of women killing men Misandry is the hatred of or prejudice against men. It is a tradition among some female painters like Artemisia Gentileschi  ‘Salome with the Head of Saint John the Baptist, c. 1610–1615, Budapest’.

Amazing what can be accomplished by a very long, sharp blade and two hands.
Amazing what can be accomplished by a very long, sharp blade and two hands.

Jesus Suds

Painting of a nun hanging up boy’s underwear on a line in front of a Residential School and Church.
Washing away sins with the suds of are lord

This is my response to the situation that is not surprising in the least, but as come to light more publicly now. This type of abuse is the host insidious. The individuals involved were caregivers and through their actions. Stripped these children of their ability to trust and created an atmosphere of terror. Left them without the ability to care for themselves or others, and guilty.
The organizations which are guilty of the organized systematic sexual abusive of children from around the world for easily 200 years. Should be closed down, all the property seized to pay for their crimes and kicked out of our country and their practice banned.