Art Statement 2013

I must confess that I find the writing of this statement very difficult. At first, I had to consider the need for one and how it might affect the viewer’s understanding of my paintings. Can a “statement” assist in understanding the work?

The strongest influence on my paintings has been the lack of any real influence at all. Artists working in this post-modern era are faced with a delightful dilemma. At our feet lay all history we can respond to it as we like. Left in this void of directionless over-choice, we search for a way to reply.

My reply is the art that I create. It is not a reaction so much as a process of understanding through creation. Rather than starting with a “concept”, I start with the image. Working backwards, hints of influence find their way to the surface. Classic forms and ideas work their way out and become the picture.

Without encumbering myself with unnecessary theory, I find this simple, direct understanding of my role as a painter in the era of history I occupy, gives me the freedom to just see where the art takes me.

Chris Dale

One thought on “Art Statement 2013

  1. Good Day Chris
    Your work is interesting,so is the blog, but I am not interested in “owning” it. Your production level is quite awesome.
    I want to know where on this planet you are located, before I ever accept an invite on LinkedIn.


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