Evelyn McHale

Life Magazine caption:
At the bottom of the Empire State Building the body of Evelyn McHale reposes calmly in grotesque bier, her falling body punched into the top of a car.

Photo taken by Robert C. Wiles published  12 May 1947 issue of Life Magazine.

Mona Lisa The Painting


Reinterpretation of famous painting is something have been thinking about. The idea is not original which is one reason I was reluctant to start. But realized that my interpretation would not simply a copy. Surprisingly more interesting had original though. I have a better idea of why it was common for a painter to copy the great masters. My interest was less about the copy of the techniques but rather spending all that time examining all parts of the work.



French August 29, 1944

Women who befriended the Nazis, through coerced, forced, or voluntary relationships, are singled out after the liberation of France.  This woman believed to have been a prostitute who serviced German occupiers.  To shame they her head her shaved.