Gorgeous George

Always the prettiest boy with the prettiest hair in the arena is that that George.

Gorgeous George, professional wrestler known his flamboyant effeminate pretty-boy if not outright drag queen, who constantly implied homosexuality but never outright stated.

Crating archetypal, a gimmick that because of his predilections using tactics of lying and cheating every dirty trick inflaming the anger of the crowd became the hated heel.

His character was right dab in the middle of homophobia public and incentivized by United States government Lavender Scare.

Jesus Suds

Painting of a nun hanging up boy’s underwear on a line in front of a Residential School and Church.
Washing away sins with the suds of are lord

This is my response to the situation that is not surprising in the least, but as come to light more publicly now. This type of abuse is the host insidious. The individuals involved were caregivers and through their actions. Stripped these children of their ability to trust and created an atmosphere of terror. Left them without the ability to care for themselves or others, and guilty.
The organizations which are guilty of the organized systematic sexual abusive of children from around the world for easily 200 years. Should be closed down, all the property seized to pay for their crimes and kicked out of our country and their practice banned.