Mona Lisa The Painting


Reinterpretation of famous painting is something have been thinking about. The idea is not original which is one reason I was reluctant to start. But realized that my interpretation would not simply a copy. Surprisingly more interesting had original though. I have a better idea of why it was common for a painter to copy the great masters. My interest was less about the copy of the techniques but rather spending all that time examining all parts of the work.



I posted this on Google+ a wile back and some one stated that “It looks very profesinal” . My first responses was “Thanks I think” but later went back an wrote the following.

When you say that it looking professionally I hope that you see the time that is spent to complete the painting and not that I can paint with in the lines.

Have been painting on and off for many years and have come back to it full time. My biggest problem was being able to destroy the beginning. At the beginning of a painting there is a youthfully exasperation that is good and often left as the final piece. To push past can be hard but that might be the “looks very profesinal” you talking about?