Massaging a Dead Horse


The image came out of what I see in galleries. There is a trend of the same kind of images being repeated. The idea of Beating A Dead Horse came to mind. After reflection the idea of massaging seemed to express to point more precisely. The act beating implies anger and frustration of being in a state of constant regurgitation of dead images. This is not the reaction but rather it is to massaging.

6 thoughts on “Massaging a Dead Horse

  1. I think it’s hilarious that you decided to create that project based on your visits to the Gallery. It’s too bad that’s your experience though.
    I too am a artist but I try my best to be unique ; I do have my artistic heros but I still try to find my own voice.


      • And that’s the bad part ! Yes you want to be received well and also be compensated for your efforts ; but at the same time one should want to be original as well as enlighten. And you can’t enlighten doing the same old thing. Plus nothing new comes to the forefront .


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