French August 29, 1944

Women who befriended the Nazis, through coerced, forced, or voluntary relationships, are singled out after the liberation of France.  This woman believed to have been a prostitute who serviced German occupiers.  To shame they her head her shaved.

3 thoughts on “Traitor

  1. My aunt and her female friend managed a small restaurant. Could hardly stop the German soldiers from patronising the facility. (Makes me think of “Hogan’s Heroes”.) When the war was over I believe her head was shaved to. (I was born in Gouda, Netherlands, 1943. Too young to remember what happened but certainly know the stories of the ‘Hunger Winter’ etc.. – As do my children. It was a topic that so many immigrants here in Sydney, from the Netherlands had in common as a topic to talk about and as many migrated because of fear of WWIII it was on their minds.


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