Wilket Creek

Wilket Creek

This took a long time to paint. The subject is from. a photo I taken by my father. Being so close to the subject it was hard to finish and still do not know if I like the result.


2 thoughts on “Wilket Creek

  1. I kind of like this painting, its obviously a painting of a family snapshot and you can see the artist has an intimate relationship with the subjects, the way the materials have been moved around, revisited and played with a lot, their is a strong familiarity going on here and also there are struggles between the artist and the subjects, that cannot be viewed as generic but personal and specific it gives the painting a strong magnetism and fascination all of its own, though it is only a painting of a snapshot. There are also elements of struggle and discomfort, with the material and the subject and the closeness and familiarity with the materials give this work a good strong contrast between familiarity and the some what unknown.


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